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2008-09-18 - Foreign Policy

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     Most times I have trouble coming up with an idea for a strip. Tons of trouble. But this political season seems to be throwing a veritable cavalcade of stupidity at us, and the real difficulty is in being able to remember it all long enough to formulate a joke. This one is half-stolen from Saturday Night Live, but so much of what Palin says strikes me as an answer even a child couldn't get away with in your average history class. If it's too lazy and immature for an 8th grader to slip by with, then it's not even remotely acceptible from a politician running for federal office (much less this political office).
     On the home front, Beth and I are settling into the house and things are calming down a lot. We're almost completely unpacked (some of the very rarely used stuff is still in crates) and are now learning about the responsibilities of home ownership. We've practically memorized the trash removal schedule, and I'm learning to mow the lawn as best I can.
     As an added bonus, I used CamStudio to do a time-lapse video of the comic. You can view the video on my personal website.

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