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2008-03-11 - Bukket

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     This is a little quickie born out of a conversation between Beth and myself. Tycho and Gabe mentioned on one of the podcasts recently that they don't understand how solo webcomic artists do it because they get so much out of bouncing ideas off one-another. Having had a chance to do the same I have to agree that it's much easier when you have somebody brainstorming with you. Of course, given how long their "brainstorming" sessions are it's clear that they owe a lot to the fact that they now do PA for a living. I can't even find that kind of time to play games anymore, much less just think of new comic ideas. That's okay though since I draw with such less frequency.
     Right now I'm in the middle of a house hunt as well as making extremely vague wedding plans. It's scary to think how much money will be flowing out of our bank accounts in the next few years. When I was a college student, even conceiving of that kind of cash was a slice of insanity. Back then I was pre-occupied with keeping my bank accounts over their $200 minimums so that I wouldn't get surcharges. Now I'm actually thinking about how many tens of thousands of dollars should be in our down-payment and how many we should hold in reserve for the inevetable rennovations that would need to be done after moving in. I feel I'm lucky to be as successful as I am so early in life and I just hope that I can make wise financial decisions instead of squandering what I earn.

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