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2008-06-17 - Slightly More Space

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     Yet again I feel inclined to apologize for the lack of updates. This time around it was a bit of a setback that threw me off the whole process. My previous update was about how many real stinkers we saw while house hunting. What I didn't mention at that time was that we were in attorney review with a bid on a nice little cape-cod with a huge family room. It wasn't an amazing home, but it had a lot of potential: 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, full finished basement, and a large extension to the family room (to turn it into a beautiful solarium space). My intention was to announce our purchase in the next strip as soon as we were out of attorney review.
     Unfortunately days turned into 2 weeks, and then the seller pulled out entirely. She just up and decided that she didn't want to move anymore. Great. That was a harsh blow and a huge setback and knowing what I planned to do next I couldn't really bring myself to sidle up to the tablet. We jumped back into the market immediately and ran into 2 more major setbacks which only hurt some more.
     Well, the good news is that we've finally found a house and we're through attorney review. It's another cute cape cod, but this time 4 bed, 2 bath, and much more updated. This house, as opposed to the other one we had pulled out from under us, is going to require next to no rennovation before we move in. We're going to take a little time to do some painting and some floor touch-up, but that should be about it. The downside we're realizing now is that we only have enough furniture for our current space: a small, 514 sq. ft., 1 bedroom apartment. And the furniture we do have is small (cheap) Ikea furniture. It doesn't look bad, but it's going to look tiny in the new house. What we're realizing is that on top of the down payment and closing costs, we're going to need to put aside a few thousand just so that we aren't sitting in a 100% empty house. When fall rolls around, we're going to be exceptionally broke, but it's going to be well worth it.

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