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2008-02-19 - Rainbows!

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     If you didn't know already then you know now. Beth and I are engaged! We've been going out for 5 years now, so the most common response we've gotten when telling anybody about it has been "It's about time!" Both my dad and grandma said that, one right after the other. It was actually kinda freaky.
     This strip comes out of us showing the ring off to Beth's mom and grandma, who both inspected it, and then turned her hand over to inspect the bottom. What the heck did they think it'd look like? It's a ring! It's just metal on the bottom! Otherwise it'd fuck with your ability to grab things. We both thought it was a sort of absurd thing to look at, so here's the lampooning of it.
     I've gotta cut it short tonight. I've got a meeting tomorrow to show off a project that I couldn't get to last week because of a flurry of last minute "get it done now" emergencies.

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